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Itchy Metal Entertainment Artist Omega Reign was formed by guitarist Gene Felix in 1998. Their journey led them to share the stage with many greats, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Steven Adler of Guns and Roses, Wasp, George Lynch of Dokken, Bullet Boys and just added Taproot plus many others. The writing team is Gene Felix and David Bowman . They write the heavy melodic hooks that give the music its unmistakable edge. Now with Scott Langevin on bass, Tyrone Williams on drums, Hank Perry as the front man with his powerhouse vocals, everything comes together like the perfect recipe for success. We are holding on to number 5 on the local Reverbnation Metal charts out of 154 bands for over a month right now. recently signed toa 2 year non-exclusive deal with Itchy Metal Entertainmentout of Cal. Artist Omega Reign is in search of Marketing & Promotions/Management if you are interested contact 508-375-8795 or

Kill Devil Hill Live Review!

Kill Devil Hill the new band featuring Rex Brown(PanterA),Vinny Appice(Black Sabbath/Dio). Made there first ever stop in Montreal,QC this past Saturday @ Underworld. The show got off to late start, But when KDH hit the stage the place went crazy! The band immediately kicked into “Were All Gonna Die” followed by there latest single “Strange”. Kill Devil Hill played there entire debut album. As well as a cover of the Sabbath classic “War Pigs” and a song they had just recently weote for there 2nd album. It was without a doubt one of the LOUDEST shows ive ever been too, and getting to witness 2 metal legends playing together was one of the greatest things ever it was worth every dollar. The band even signed autographs,took pictures and spoke with the all fans after the show which made it that much better.    Everyone should listen to Kill Devil Hill and should definetly go to there show if it comes to a city near you. 
Courtesy of @weetieb

Phil Soussan Interview!

The Legend that is Phil Soussan answers a few questions for Full Metal Racket.

FMR - Phil first of all it is an absolute honour to interview yourself.

FMR - You were in your first band (Terminal Rescue) prior to 1980, what is your earliest and best memory of playing in that period?
Phil - The smell of a damp beer and tobacco laced rehearsal room! Seriously though, this was the first time that I was full time in a pro band. I was driving to rehearsals every day; took it very seriously. I remember the first gig was the one and only time I had even been nervous to go on stage. After that I repackaged those feelings into excitement and anticipation and never looked back. I remember that the singer guitarist, Tony, was really a great guy and showed how easy it could be if you don’t go out of your way to complicate things. I also discovered my real love of the Acoustic Amplification brand!

FMR - Can you remember many of the songs you played back then and do you still jam out too some of the songs?
Phil - I remember a song called “Control”, a song called “Manic Panic” but no, I don’t and probably could not remember them today. We also wrote a song called “Stairway to Heaven” but we gave it away as we thought it sucked and we couldn’t find a recorder player. Some other band covered it, but I can’t remember the name.

FMR - Over 30 years in any business is a long time, what has kept you playing for some long and what is your motivation?
Phil - The motivation is to write and perform. You never know what is just around the corner and there is a feeling that I get when I complete a song to my satisfaction that is indescribable. There is a constant goal to unite what I hear in my head or heart and what I perform in a live situation, something which no-one ever truly accomplishes to perfection. That is always a goal too.

FMR - Four years playing with Ozzy in the mid too late Eighties must have been mental, how did the initiation into the Ozzy family come to be?
Phil - Hard fucking work! I have always told people in the past that “I got the audition” but that makes it sound like turning up was all I did. I tell my students that behind every accomplishment lies hours, days and weeks of hard work; it can take many years to become an overnight sensation. I learned my instrument, practiced, learned every song I heard, music across any style; fusion, rock, blues, jazz, funk, R&B, Soul (….there was no rap yet and the world was innocently unaware.) I worked on my sound, on my technique, on my touch and I listened to great recordings to learn how to construct great bass lines from vocals.
…After that I went for an audition and got selected.

FMR - You gave Ozzy his first Worldwide Number One hit with ‘A Shot In The Dark’ were you ever planning on releasing the track before you joined up with Ozzy’s band?
Phil - I wrote the song a few years before, I presented it to several bands that I was in, one would only do it if they rewrote lyrics (to have some ownership), one didn’t want to do it, others said other things. Ozzy heard it and loved it; we added a part, Ozzy came up with some new melody ideas and I re-tweaked my original lyrics to fit. It made me realize that no musical idea or song ever gets wasted. It just sits there ready for the right opportunity.

FMR - Playing bass in some of the bands you have played with and currently (Big Noize) shows how talented you are in playing, was Bass your first choice instrument when a young man?
Phil - No, I learned recorder (see above note regarding “Stairway to Heaven), guitar, classical violin, guitar again, bass and then drums and some keys. I played bass because no one else did!  Everyone played guitar and every band were always looking for a bass player! I really grew to love it. I was a huge McCartney fan and his songwriting and bass playing were 2 things that drew me into my instrument.

FMR - You are also now dabbling in Film Music Editing, would you describe yourself as a workaholic?
Phil - Yes. I am doing more than dabbling though - I am part of the Motion Pictures Editors Guild and have now finished 4 feature movies. If I am not working I get into trouble! I love to work and I feel guilt if I am not doing something - it is a disease!

FMR - Have you ever thought of writing an Autobiography?
Phil - Yes, I think I have an interesting story that continues. Some really funny times and tales, and some sad events, and I would love to set the record straight on a few things; people say shit and I just usually let it slide, people say things to make themselves appear better or superior. I would like to answer those things at some point. I also am very opinionated, have political viewpoints and that kind of stuff - lots of subjects to talk about.

FMR - So whats next on the horizon for Phil Soussan and his many projects?
Phil - Working and gigging on my recent album, some more Big Noize shows later in the year, talk with 2 film companies about music editorial ideas, A second year as Vice President of the Grammys with some new agendas for this year, a possible TV reality show that I am pitching …… and perhaps a book!

FMR - Phil is has been an absolute pleasure and honor to do this Interview with you, thanks a lot.  I’ll let you wrap up this Interview with a few final words for all the Phil Soussan fans out there.
Phil - Thanks for all of the support and interest, thanks for hitting “play” to listen to new music, thanks for opening your heart to allow songwriters and artists like me to have some audience and thanks for being part of the cause that is Rock and Roll! We are all part of this world, we the creators, you the supporters - we do this for you but we cannot do it without you. We owe you everything.  Thank you.
Absolva Interview!

Chris from Absolva kindly takes time out for an exclusive Interview with Full Metal Racket!

Chris before continuing with the Interview I’d like too thank you for taking time out to do this for Full Metal Racket.
FMR - Chris with Absolva having only formed three months ago and currently on tour with Iced Earth how would you say the beginning of the bands journey is going?
Chris - Absolutley fantastic. We’re having a great time, i’m more detirmined than ever.
FMR - You and Martin are the remaining members of ex band Fury UK, how did the recruitment of Tom and Dan come about?
Chris - Tom (guitarist) was easy. I’ve been friend with him for along time, i knew i wanted him in the band. No auditioning nessercery. Superb musician and fantastic character, and good friend. Dan (bass), was different. With Luke being my brother i never even had to think about other bassists before. Until now. So i had to audition, people emailing and applying, one of which was Dan from Point Blank Fury. He turned up, the most prepared, and the most eager, and strong character. And great attitude. He got the job. 
FMR - When and how did you find out that Luke (Bass) your brother was leaving Fury UK and joining up with Iced Earth?
Chris - It was about a week before it was announced to the public. I knew some big news had hit that morning. As soon as i found out Iced Earth had offered him the job, i did what any loving brother would have done. ”Go and do it!!!”. Being his fav band also, it was a no brainer.
FMR - Having recently only played the bands first gig and soon traveling over too Ireland for dates have the band rehearsed a lot for the shows?
Chris - I’ve had a strict rehearsal scehdule running with the boys. To push Absolva, and get us rehearsed up to the point where you’d think we’ve playing together for 10 years. I think we’ve achieved that, we’re very hungry, and eager to get out on the road.
FMR - You guys have a good following in my hometown Strabane and a few friends of mine will be heading up too Belfast for The Limelight gig, I sadly can’t make it due too work but they want to know will you be hanging about the bar before or after gig for a pint?
Chris - Absolutley, we’re not the sortave band that will hide backstage all the time. As soon as we’ve played the show, we come straight out, stand on that merch stand. And we’ll talk to anyone, have a beer with anyone, sign CD’s, T-shirts, Tickets whatever. At the end of the day, you guys keep us on the road. 
FMR - Your debut album ‘Flames Of Justice’ is to be released in October on Rocksector Records, did the album take long to record or will it be made of material that you were working with for a while?
Chris - I started writing the album pretty much the day after i heard that Luke got the job with Iced Earth. We will be recording in August. This debut album is going to be a demon. Very much looking forward to it.

FMR - In artistic terms what would you say had a big influence on the album?
Chris - Theres alot of mixed feelings in there. Alot of aggression, panic, but also alot of mental instability. In the songs that is. Its a true British Metal album. With a modern feel. We’ve done much of the battle metal, swords and spears sortave thing. We’re up for the futuristic.
FMR - As part of your old band Fury UK you played along side the likes of Blaze Bailey, Y&T and Saxon. Which gig can you remember as your best and proudest?
Chris - One of my most memorable shows, was supporting Saxon at Shepherds Bush Empire. We came off stage, we played perfect. Played the gig of our lives. The place was rammed. And what a venue.
FMR - What’s next on the horizon for Absolva this year and next?
Chris - We’ve got these shows with Iced Earth, in Ireland & Scotland. Then we play Bloodstock Open Air. We then go to record the album in August. We then release it at the end of October. And we begin our headline tour of UK & Europe. Dates on

FMR - Chris it has been an absolute pleasure and Im honoured too be one of the first people to interview you as part of Absolva and best of luck with the tour and album.  I’ll let you finish off this interview with a few words for your fans.
Chris - Thankyou very much aswell my friend. Its a pleasure to talk. We’re also very much looking forward to finally playing Ireland. The shows booked over there in the past for Fury UK have always fallen through, or somethings happened. 
So after all we have done, we are really looking forward to getting over there, playing somewhere we’ve never played before. Its very exciting and cant wait. 
Thankyou for your support guys, and look forward to seeing you at some shows.
Orange Goblin Interview!

Orange Goblin Bass Player Martyn Millard answers a few questions for Full Metal Racket!

FMR - First of I’d like to thank Martyn for giving Full Metal Racket time to do an interview for us.

FMR - Being a fan of Orange Goblin for over a decade it’s an honour to interview one of the men of the legendary band.  After 17 years of recording, long touring schedules and alot of time on the road what is the main thing that is keeping the band going?
Martyn - Quite simply,enjoyment.We love doing this band and it’s just part of our life now.I dont think any of us can imagine NOT doing it.We love playing live,we still get on very well as mates and we love playing our songs.

FMR - You have played alot of gigs and festivals over the years, what would be your best and longest lasting memory on stage?
 Martyn - Jeez,thats tough as there are so many.Download a few years back was pretty special,although our 2 appearances at Hellfest,were incredible.We’ve been lucky enough to play in some amazing places such as USA & Japan and we’ve toured with some amazing acts like Alice Cooper,Dio and Heaven & Hell,so its hard to just pick one.

FMR - Orange Goblin have recently played Hellfest in France. That was one Hell of a line up, How was that for an experience?
 Martyn - Really incredible.We played there 3 years ago and it was great but this year was off the scale.Huge crowd,who were totally into it from the outset.We’d been travelling for like 11 hours to get there and only arrived 2 hours before we were due on stage.So as you can imagine we were pretty tired,but the roar as we walked on stage and the energy created by the crowd really lifted us.One of our favourite shows ever.

FMR - What is the typical preparation in the weeks before an Orange Goblin tour?
 Martyn - In all honesty,not much! ha ha.We dont rehearse too much as practicing is dificult due us all having day jobs and us all living so far apart.Ben (vocals) is part of our management team so he does all the logistics of booking hotels and buses etc, but we play so much anyway that we dont often need to practice too much.Some of these songs are pretty ingrained in our heads by now.

FMR - On the road what is the most watched DVD on the tour bus?
 Martyn - Probably something like Bad News or Alan Partridge.Usually comedy.We like to have a laugh whilst we’re on the move.

FMR - Funniest prank or incident that has happened a band member whilst on duty with the band?
 Martyn - There are loads,but i guess i should put myself up for this one.We were playing the Emissions From The Monolith festival in Ohio a few years back,which was,at the time,the biggest ‘stoner rock’ restival in the world.My amp cut out so i went around the back of it too see if i could see the problem and in the complete darkness didnt realise that there was a flight of about 8 stairs directly behind my cabs.I fell down them with a shock,but thought i could steady myself by leaning on the wall as i got too the bottom.But the wall i leant on was a door that opened,which i fell through straight down another flight of stairs…backwards!
I remember laying at the bottom of the stairs,still with my guitar on,and looking up to see various members of the band looking through the door,pissing themselves. Managed to tear my brand new jeans too.

FMR - How does the average Orange Goblin song be wrote, do you write on the road or in Studio?
Martyn - We write in the rehearsal studio.Well we each write at home and we put everything together in the reahearsal room.Writing on the road is almost impossible.You just dont get the time or the peace and quiet

FMR - What is your proudest moment as being Orange Goblin Bass player and in your opinion what Album do you describe as your best?
 Martyn - I think our latest album,’A Eulogy For The Damned’,answers both them questions.We are really proud of this record and its also my best performance on tape too.I was also told by a friend that the legendary Brian Slagel (of Megaforce Records and Metallica fame) is an admirer of mine so that made me very proud to be honest.

FMR - With your latest Album ‘A Eulogy For The Damned’ being as Riff hungry and as Epic as any Goblin release before it what is next for the band in artistic terms?
 Martyn - Not sure to be honest.There is talk of us putting out an E.P,early 2013,so that’ll be interesting.Nothing has been written as of yet so i wouldnt like to say how it will sound.At this time we are negotiating and discussing the issue of us doing the band for a living,so if all goes to plan,2013 will be spent touring the world and gigging prety much everywhere so that is very exciting as well as a little nerve wracking.That isn’t definate,so no promises,because its quite a big leap of faith for us after 18 years,to quite our jobs.We all have families,mortgages and bills to pay so walking out of work in this current climate is a big decision that we must think long and hard about before we decide.
 Whatever happens,the Goblin will still be playing in a town near you soon. :)

FMR - Martyn it has been an absolute pleasure to interview you. Will we be seeing Orange Goblin in UK or Ireland again before the year is out or early 2013?
 Martyn - We have the Bloodstock festival in August which should be fun and gigs in the UK and Europe up until the end of the year so hopefully we’ll see you at the bar at one of them.  cheers!!